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If you struggle with your balance or have found your stability compromised after an injury, balance training can help. There are a variety of balancing tools you can use to retrain your body, strengthen your core stability, and improve your steadiness on your feet. From balance boards and wobble boards to wedge cushions and rockers, you’ll find everything you need to improve your sense of balance here at Physiosupplies.

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Found that your body needs more support when sitting? Wedge cushions and balance pillows can help. Available in a variety of styles from inflatable cushions to orthopaedic pillows, they tilt your pelvis into a natural position and relieve pressure on your spine and back. They can easily be used in the office or at home to help correct your posture.

Looking for balance board exercises? Wobble boards are the perfect tool for you to use. These boards are extremely durable as they are designed for standing on, and the difficulty can be adjusted based on your standing position. Professionals recommend having a chair or other stable object nearby to provide support if you need it.

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Why is balance training important?

Balance training is vital following an injury to reduce the likelihood of further injuries. It will help to improve your body awareness and give you greater stability on your feet, preventing falls or stumbles. It is especially helpful for aiding your recovery after an injury.


How long should you stand on a balance board?

Balance boards are great tools for improving your balance, but it is important to use them in moderation. Experts recommend standing on a wobble board for 2 to 3 minutes at a time for the most effective workout and training regime.


Are balance boards good for abs?

If you want to work on your abdominal muscles, balance boards can add another level to your workout. Using your wobble board while in the plank position will not only provide a good core workout, but it will also strengthen your arms, legs, shoulders, and back.


Are wobble boards worth it?

Wobble boards are definitely worth investing in, as they can improve your stability, flexibility, and joint strength. They are also ideal for working lesser-used muscles and refreshing your workout.


What are the best balance board exercises?

There are a variety of balance board exercises. You may like a balance board squat, where you adopt the squat position while on the board, or you might like to add another level of challenge to your usual plank by leaning on the wobble board instead. You can easily adapt any exercise for use on the balance board.

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