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Using the best equipment when caring for babies is important, which is why at Physiosupplies we stock a huge range of baby care products. We have everything from electronic baby scales and fetal dopplers to infrared body and baby thermometers. All of these products will help in your examination of the baby, ensuring that their health and wellbeing is your number one priority. Shop the range below.

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Baby scales and fetal dopplers in Ireland

Parents-to-be may become concerned about their child and want to know that their baby is okay. This is why healthcare professionals come in. With their extensive experience, they can check on the health of the child to ensure that they are okay. Baby care is a vital part of the pregnancy and products like fetal dopplers can help you to check on a baby’s heartbeat in a non-invasive way.

When the baby has arrived into the world, you’ll need specialist equipment to look after them. Items like baby scales will help you weigh the child with ease, while baby thermometers can often be used in a number of ways, both against the forehead and in the ear to provide accurate readings.

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Is it safe to use a fetal doppler at home?

There have been concerns in the past about the safety of using a fetal doppler at home, which is why healthcare professionals recommend only using one when there is a doctor using it, as it is seen as medically necessary. Fetal doppler tests usually take place during the second trimester.


Is an ultrasound or fetal doppler better than a stethoscope?

It is possible to hear a baby’s heartbeat using a stethoscope, however, it will not pick up on the sound as early as an ultrasound or fetal doppler will. If you have a stethoscope and wish to listen to a baby’s heartbeat at home, you should be able to detect it between the 18th and 20th week of pregnancy.


What is the best way to measure a baby’s temperature?

Baby thermometers can often be used in a variety of ways to provide accurate temperature readings. While many healthcare professionals recommend using a rectal thermometer for an accurate reading, some thermometers provide accurate readings from the forward or ears.


What is the difference between baby thermometers and regular thermometers?

Standard adult thermometers can be used on babies, but often not easily. Baby thermometers have been designed specifically for use with children, with special features such as small sizes and flexible tips to prevent damage.


Can you use a regular scale to weigh a baby?

While the temptation may be to use a regular scale to weigh a baby, it may not provide an accurate reading. Many of the best home scales are only accurate to within 1/2 a pound, which can make a huge difference for a baby. Baby scales are more accurate and easier to use with children.

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