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Traction devices are designed to be easy to use, stretching out parts of your body to help relieve uncomfortable pain, tension, and stress. There are a variety of units available for different purposes, but some of the most popular are neck traction devices and lumbar traction devices. These easy to operate devices are used by physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals to enhance physical therapy. Looking for a neck traction device in Ireland? You’ll find everything you need here on Physiosupplies.

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How do you use traction devices?

A traction splint, also known as a traction device or a traction unit, is used to stretch out injured areas in order to release stress, tension, and pain. Often used in combination with physical therapy, it is a popular method to help with compressed or pinched nerves, herniated discs, stiff necks and lumbar pain.

Many of the popular traction devices are designed to be used on doors. This makes them easy to use and extremely versatile, as you will need no tools to install them. One of the best choices for this is the 66fit Over Door Neck Traction Unit, which comes with everything you need to get started.

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What is a traction unit?

A traction unit is a device used to stretch out an area of the body, such as the spine or the muscles in the neck, to help relieve pressure. In turn, this can reduce the amount of pain the patient is feeling. The stretching of the area will create space, releasing tension and helping muscles to relax.


How do traction devices work?

Traction devices help to create space between the vertebrae. This is essential for spinal pain and neck pain, as the space will relieve compression and stress on the body. The muscles can then relax. This is a popular technique for releasing tension and for removing pain from the body.


How long should you use a traction device?

Traction devices should be used with care, and you will want to consult your physiotherapist or other healthcare providers before using one to ensure you are following the right regime for your needs. For the most part, professionals recommend using a traction device for no more than 30 minutes a day, and that it should be used in short stints to get the most from the device.


Do traction devices hurt?

Traction devices are safe to use, but the effects can be different from person to person. Following the instructions will ensure that you don’t cause further injury when using the device. The treatment should be pain-free. If you find that you are experiencing pain when using a traction device, stop and consult your physiotherapist.


Can traction units help neck arthritis?

A neck traction device can be extremely useful in helping to relieve the pain associated with neck arthritis, as well as other conditions such as disc bulges or herniations. Consult your physiotherapist before you use one to ensure it is the right treatment for you.

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