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D roll cushions, otherwise known as lumbar rolls or lumbar support cushions, are designed to sit against the lower back. These uniquely shaped cushions help to alleviate back and neck pain by providing support to the spine and correcting bad posture when sitting. With adjustable straps, these lumbar cushions are easy to fit to any chair, making it easy to correct poor posture anywhere. Shop the range of lumbar support cushions in Ireland today.

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Choosing a lumbar support cushion in Ireland

Supporting your spine is important, whether you are sitting, sleeping, or walking. Thankfully, our range of lumbar support cushions can help you adjust your posture, reduce stress on the spine, and relieve pain in the back and neck. By correcting your posture, your spine will be supported, which will reduce the pain you’ve experienced.

Our wide range of chair lumbar supports offer the stabilisation you need. With memory foam and moulded PU foam available, you’ll get a variety of support to reduce stress and fatigue on the spine. The straps make them easy to use with any chair, making sitting more comfortable.

At Physiosupplies, we know how important your order is. All orders shipped within Ireland are sent via 24-hour trackable courier with DPD, so you’ll see exactly where your order is. Got questions about your order? Our dedicated team is available, so contact us today.


Do lumbar cushions work?

Lumbar cushions help to correct your posture and reduce strain on your spine. In turn, this helps to alleviate pain and prevent you from sitting in an uncomfortable way. These cushions work extremely well, supporting your body in a variety of sitting positions.


Is lumbar support supposed to hurt?

Lumbar supports aren’t supposed to hurt. If you feel pain or discomfort when using one, it may be positioned incorrectly. A support that is too high up will put pressure on your back in the wrong place, causing pain and discomfort. It will also mean that your lower back and spine do not have the support they need.

Do lumbar support cushions help lower back pain?

Yes. Lumbar support cushions can help to reduce strain on your lower back and spine, helping your body to heal. By adjusting your sitting position and getting the right support in place, you’ll find that any discomfort or pain you experience when sitting will stop.


Where should I position my lumbar support?

Your lumbar support should ideally be positioned at your lower back. Often this means positioning it at the lowest point on the chair so that your lower back has the support you need. This will ensure that your spine is not stressed when sitting.


What can you use lumbar support cushions for?

If you experience any back, neck, or even leg pain, you may want to consider using a lumbar support cushion or a D-roll pillow. By adjusting your sitting position, you will support your spine and alleviate a number of strains and stresses on the body.

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