Trigger Point Therapy Tools & Foam Rollers

Trigger point tools are popular amongst physiotherapists and exercise fans. They are the perfect portable product to help get into deep tissue and muscles without using thumbs. As they can be easily cleaned, they are often seen as the more hygienic alternative, and by using one, physiotherapists will find that they can get to the problem area a lot easier. The various designs and styles mean that you can easily update your physiotherapist equipment to account for all needs.

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The best trigger point tools in Ireland

There is no singular design when it comes to trigger point tools, so you get a variety of products to choose from based on your needs. All are designed to be portable, allowing you to take them wherever you need to.

Foot massagers are proving popular with those needing help recovering after an intense run, while knot relief styli are perfect for masseuses in Ireland looking to give the best massage they can.

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How do you use a trigger point tool?

The variety of trigger point tools mean that there are different ways to use and hold them, but often you’ll find similarities between them. To use one effectively, place the therapy knob against the problem area. You should then apply pressure, slowly building up so that you are comfortable. Move the knob in circular motions until you feel the knot release.


What does it feel like when a knot releases?

Knots and trigger points can be painful, but proper treatment and massage can help to release them. When a knot eases or releases, you’ll get a feeling of relief and find that movement is easier. If you can feel the knot, you’ll notice that it changes from hard to soft with the right kind of pressure.


Which is the best trigger point massager?

The best trigger point tool will depend on your needs. When looking for the right tool to buy, you should consider the shape of the design, how easy it is to use for your target area, and how portable it is. It can help to buy a variety of tools for different purposes, but the best often have raised knobs on them to target problem areas with ease.


What causes trigger points and knots?

There are many reasons for trigger points and knots to occur. It can be anything from stress to muscle overuse and trauma. If you have overworked a muscle, you might find a hard knot appears, alongside pain. If you are feeling stressed, you could tense your muscles, which can also cause knots. Proper relaxation techniques, stress management, and warm-ups prior to exercise can help prevent them.

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