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High Arches Explained
For people who are on their feet most of the day, any type of foot problem is a serious one. It's hard to concentrate on your job or your family when your feet hurt. You may not have an opportunity to kick off your shoes and rub the soles of your feet at work. Foot pain has many causes, but for some, the pain can stem from having high arches.

What are High Arches?
While there’s no standard measurement, you are said to have high arches if you have significant height at the arch of your feet. When you walk barefoot in the sand, your tracks may show only your heel and ball of your foot, with little to no imprint in the middle.

Causes of High Arches
The shape of your feet is determined, for the most part, by genetics. Everyone’s feet are unique, whether their arches are flat, high or somewhere in between and high are arches are not unusual.

Symptoms of High Arches
As with most foot issues, symptoms can vary. If you have high arches, you may find physical activity painful. High-arched feet often tend to be more rigid and less flexible, which often leads people to seek out extra cushioning in insoles and footwear. People with high arches may have trouble finding footwear that fits well and often experience excess friction or pressure at the instep of the foot.
High-arched feet tend to be rigid and less flexible

Help for High Arches
A good supportive insole with arch support is ideal and will help support your foot under your arch.
Two good options are the Superfeet Green Insoles and the Silicone High Arch Insoles.
You can also buy Arch Support Inserts to use in any shoe.

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