How Will I Choose The Right Kind of Couch Roll?

Couch Roll

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Couch Roll can come in different sizes in terms of width and length. The Length is usually 40 meters per roll, however, XL Couch Rolls are available, including 50 meter Couch Roll. Generally, the width of the couch roll is the most important factor. The type of roll primarily used for couches would be a 20 inch or 50 cm wide roll, this usually covers the couch and is adequate for most body shapes and sizes. 10 inch Couch Roll is generally known as Hygiene Roll and is used for drying hands or cleaning. As with Couch Roll, Hygiene Roll is designed to maintain cleanliness, increase hygiene and reduce risk of contamination. Commonly used for work spaces containing apparatus such as medical, dental and beauty tools. Hygiene Rolls are also used for a variety of procedures such as manicures and pedicures within the beauty industry.

What Alternatives Are There to Couch Roll?

A common alternative to Couch Rolls within the beauty industry tends to be the use of towels. It is argued heavily amongst professionals over which to use or in some cases, whether to use both. Although towels can provide some extra cushioning, they carry many negatives, firstly, they are not as hygienic as a Couch Roll. Couch Rolls are discarded at the end of the treatment, throwing away any germs and fluids lowering the risk of contamination and as a paper product it is recyclable. Towels must be rewashed after each use, this leads to excessive laundry requirements which not only impacts climate change but increases costs and takes up valuable time that could be spent with clients. By using a Couch Roll you will be reducing your impact on the environment as each sheet of paper from a Couch Roll can be recycled. Couch Rolls also take up less space in comparison to towels. For example, a box of 9 Couch Rolls at 40m takes up just 510mm x 325mm x 325mm, this is equivalent to 360m of paper. Overall the utility, cost effectiveness and environmental factors of Couch Rolls in healthcare are undeniable, they are a great hygiene solution. If you are a die-hard fan of using towels, having a box of Couch Rolls on hand can help out in emergencies too.

Blue Couch Roll versus White Couch Roll.

There's no major difference other than the colour. Just check the quality in terms of 2 ply or 1 ply etc. Most standard clinical based Couch roll whether blue or white is 2 ply and usually clinics will use white with patients as it appears cleaner and more sterile. Blue Couch Roll tends to be used more often as hygiene roll.

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