Nemidon Black N Blue Testimonials

Nemidon Black N Blue Testimonials


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1) Hi my name is Ian. In 1983 while fencing I strained a wire up, which came in contact with mains power lines. I was electrocuted and have had a long recovery from burns to my feet, trouble with nerve endings, lower back, shoulders and even a broken ankle from falling off motor bike and two knee replacements. I have tried other cream products for relief but that did not last for long. I had a friend call around to see me and I was complaining of my aches and he told me about Black & Blue. He gave me some to try. I was sceptical at first. I got my wife to rub it on my lower back and knees and I felt good all day, so have continued using it and have ongoing relief with it. My wife uses it now also on her lower back, which gives her constant pain and says it gives her relief. You can guess what we have in our house now. I had a sister visit and she complained of pain in her arthritic finger and my wife just rubbed some Black & Blue into it for her without saying what she was using. My sister said the next day that she had relief in her finger so asked what we used so we told her and yes, she has brought Black & Blue for herself as well. Cheers Ian

2) What I really like about Nemidon range of products is that they are really user friendly, non-greasy and you get immediate gains when applied – no other product I am used in a 20 year elite sporting career has met those basic, yet vital requirements.
Philippa Baker-Hogan MBE Triple World Champion Rower 1991/1994 Halberg Award Winner

3) ProGolf Health

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I have been working with elite professional golfers at 25 tournaments worldwide for the past 8 years providing health care services and management. During this period I have used '"Eze", 'All Black & BIue" and "Massage" Nemidon Gels exclusively and by choice. I have found that these gels not only are the best quality of soft tissue therapy products on the market but offer a perfect therapeutic range to deal with most soft tissue injuries.

I have used with great success the Nemidon Gels on my clients over the years and such clients have included Michael Campbell, Nick Faldo, Davis Love III, Padraig Harrington, Ian Woosnam, Thomas Bjorn and many others. I highly recommend Nemidon's range of products and would not hesitate in suggesting that any practitioner and patients alike try these Gels for themselves. I am sure that they will not be disappointed.

Dr Dale Richardson Titleist Performance Institute Advisory Medical Board B.App.So (CHIRO), Grad Dip Sports Chiropractic, CCSP

4) Hi there. Allison Anderson here.
After being gifted a small bottle of Black n Blue from a friend, i happily purchased your 4759 pump bottle. I have since passed on my finds to my inlaws and other friends whom have suffered chronic pain. I broke my back in 2014. As a result of anti inflam abuse I developed a serious case...for life..of ulcerative colitis. Meaning i am severely restricted on pain relief for inflamed joints. I swear on my 3 kids lives, that your product is brilliant!! lnstant relief!! I have suffered with pain on top of pain for so long. lt seriously stops you from smiling. Not anymore!. Wonderfull . And the price of the product is sooooo much cheaper than other options at chemist and supermarkets that dont work anywhere near as good. you have my blessing to post my email as a review of your product. I will be buying this forever!! Kindest regards, Ally

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