Nemidon Gels Black and Blue Osteopathic School Instruction of Use

Black and Blue Osteopathic School Instruction of Use

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We have found that the Nemidon range of products is highly effective, due to the unique delivery system of the seaweed-based gel. The herbal anti-inflammatory agents penetrate the skin easily and act quickly bringing relief from pain as well as settling the inflammatory reaction. The gel based products are non-greasy, another factor in their ready acceptance by our patients. The seaweed-based gel is also good for the skin and can be used without any adverse effect. In fact the rehydration aspect of the way the gels work is another of their clinical benefits, especially in older patients with fragile skin.

All Black and Blue is also the product we recommend for treatment of muscular and ligamentous strains and sprains and tendonitis. Combined with gentle treatment to restore the biomechanical functioning of an area, we have our patients undertake an intensive home-based anti-inflammatory regime. We recommend they apply All Black and Blur four times daily to the most painful area, and also that they massage and loosen the muscles associated with the tendonitis or that would be contracting over the affected area. (Massage gently in the direction of the tear or joint so as not to irritate it further).

This reduces the mechanical load on the tissues that are trying to repair, while the topical application of the herbal anti-inflammatory agents helps settle the inflammatory response, allowing the healing process to proceed rapidly. In most cases once the acute inflammatory response is over and the need for RICE intervention has passed, we also recommend alternating heat and cold treatments at night to improve vascular flow. Only in the most severe or persistent conditions do we recommend the pharmaceutical non-steroidal gels and creams or that patients take NSAIDS internally, as we have found this regime clinically effective and readily accepted by patients.

As well as being useful in the treatment of chronic and acute inflammatory conditions, and in the maintenance of arthritic joint conditions, All Black and Blue has been used with great success by our patients in a diverse range of situations. One patient swears by it for relief from the pain of her varicose veins. Another who sadly has now died, used it with great success for the pain of metastases to the ribs.

Other patients, who have painful muscular conditions such as fibromyalgia, are regular users of the Nemidon gel EZE, as it has a soothing and warming effect on the muscles. (It has less menthol than All Black and Blue.) Again, the clinical effects of rapid delivery of the therapeutic agents into the skin, their non-greasiness and the beneficial effects they have to the skin itself, make this product very well received in our practice.

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