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Oil, grease, silicone and water-free – what does it really mean?
Pjur SPA ScenTouch massage lotions use a new formula, specially developed for sensual massage using pjur SknTec quality procedures. The formula uses a base of organic diols, which has been optimized to keep all the benefits of a high-quality massage product and eliminate the drawbacks of other bases, such as oil or grease. ScenTouch Massage Lotions don't block pores, can be easily wiped away without leaving a trace, make your skin silky smooth, and don't leave stains on your clothes.

How is the pjur SPA massage lotion's scent created?
The scent is created using food-grade aromas.

Do the massage lotions contain preservatives?
pjur SPA ScenTouch Neutral Way massage lotion is preservative-free. We use food-grade aromas, but to get these scent notes, the other massage lotions have to use substances that must be labeled as "preservatives" according to regulations. In fact, they do not act as preservatives, but as carriers for aromas or perfumes.

Are the pjur SPA ScenTouch massage lotions glycerin and paraben-free?
Yes, the products are glycerin and paraben-free.

Is the pjur SPA Series dermatologically tested?
Yes, the pjur SPA ScenTouch massage lotions are dermatologically tested.

What does Vitamin E do for the skin?
The massage lotions naturally contain Vitamin E. Vitamin E helps maintain young, healthy skin; in other words, it has an anti-aging effect. Furthermore, some say Vitamin E may help increase men's and women's fertility.

What does the ingredient jojoba do?
The massage lotions contain jojoba. This hydrates the skin, nourishes it, and makes it more supple.

Can the massage lotions be ingested without any risk?
Yes. There is no concern if they are ingested. They are not toxic, nor do they have a laxative effect.

How are the massage lotions removed without leaving residue?
The formulas do not dry up. You can remove them from the skin by simply wiping with a cloth (or rinsing with water, of course). Remove them from clothing and other textiles by simply using water and a scrubber.

Are the massage lotions vegan?
The pjur SPA ScenTouch massage lotions contain only vegan ingredients and have not been tested on animals.

Do the massage lotions leave stains on fabric?
pjur SPA ScenTouch products do not leave stains. Remove them from clothing and other textiles by simply using water and a scrubber.

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