Why Do I Have Metatarsal Pain?

Insoles with Metatarsal Pads

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Metatarsal pain occurs when the ball-of-your foot area becomes painful or inflamed. There are a variety of reasons why you may be experiencing pain, but it usually occurs from increased pressure and impact on the foot. If you're experiencing metatarsal or ball-of-foot pain, we recommend taking a deep look into your footwear and daily activity to find out why you are experiencing discomfort.

If you are experiencing metatarsal pain and can relate to any of the below causes, try to adjust your lifestyle to see if you can find relief and reach out to a physician.

High Arches - Having a high arched foot can increase the chances of having metatarsal pain since the metatarsal area is experiencing pressure and shock with each step. It's important to make sure your footwear is supportive and comfortable.

Ill-Fitting Footwear - Shoes that do not fit correctly may be a major cause of foot pain. Even though a pair of shoes may be comfortable on a friend or highly reviewed, it doesn't mean they will feel good on your specific foot type. Make sure you take the extra time to find the best supportive footwear for your feet.

Narrow Toe Boxes: Wearing shoes that have a narrow or restrictive toe box may cause pain in the metatarsal areas. A narrow toe box forces the ball-of-foot area into a small amount of space which causes discomfort and pain. Remember, when the foot is constricted by a shoe, you will most likely experience pain.

High Heels - Even though high heels look great, they don't always feel great. High heels put a lot of stress, weight, and shock usually on the toes and/or metatarsal area.

Flip-Flops - We know that most people's go-to sandal is a pair of flip-flops that quickly slide on, but they are often very thin, flat, and offer no support. An unsupportive flip-flop is very harmful and can cause serious pain.

High-Impact Sports - Participating in high-impact sports like running, dancing, and basketball can cause metatarsal pain. Even though playing sports can be incredibly beneficial to your health, your feet tend to take a lot of force and shock.

Excessive Weight Gain - Adding more weight to your body due to diet changes, pregnancy, or obesity may escalate your foot pain and discomfort. The extra weight can weaken the foot and ankles, causing the feet to flatten.

An orthotic with metatarsal support can help relieve pressure from the ball-of-foot area. Along with arch support that helps relieve common foot pains like plantar fasciitis, Aetrex Insoles are available in an option to include a metatarsal pad that's designed to help those with forefoot pain or fatigue.

A metatarsal pad is a feature that is built into Aetrex Orthotics to help unload pressure at the metatarsal area while providing cushioning to help relieve discomfort. The design and placement of the pad can help relieve metatarsal discomfort and pain.

Many shoes come with a removable insole, so if you need more metatarsal support you can always swap out the insole that comes with the shoe and replace it with an Aetrex orthotic with metatarsal support.


Click Here to View our range of Aetrex Insoles 

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