Alternating Pressure Air Mattress For Bedsore Patients

Alternating Pressure Air Mattress For Bedsore Patients

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The alternating pressure mattress is currently the most ideal method for clinical prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers.

The electric air pump periodically inflates the two groups of airbags of the air mattress, so that the air mattress fluctuates in a relatively high range, changes the contact point between the patient and the hospital bed, and achieves the purpose of promoting blood circulation of the patient’s implantation site and exercising the muscle contraction and relaxation function. To achieve the prevention and treatment of bedsores.

Number of Air Cells: 20

Dimensions (Inflated): 190 - 200 cm (L) x 85 - 95 cm (W) * 9.5cm Deep

Designed For: Decubitus ulcer prevention and relief in bedridden patients. Hospital wards, nursing homes, personal use at home, etc.


  • Users can adjust the hardness of the mattress through the pressure knob of the main unit.
  • Hook design, the main unit can be hung on a bed to save place, convenient for a caregiver to operate.
  • Micro holes at the main weight-bearing parts of the mattress to evenly jet out air to increase air circulation.
  • Low noise, does not affect normal rest or sleep, providing the patient with a quiet rehabilitation environment.
  • Durable and breathable PVC coated nylon material, easy to clean, safe support 135Kg.
  • Each air cell is independent and detachable, convenient to replace and maintain.
  • 2 groups of air cells to alternatively inflate and deflate to regularly redistribute patient body weight, effectively prevent and relieve bedsores.

Benefits of this system:

1. The host is more secure (with waterproof switch, shell fireproof material)
2. The fuse replacement is more convenient. The fuse is installed outside the host and can be replaced without removing the motherboard.
3. Better installation experience (ours is 8mm aluminum)
4. The function button is a 10-speed knob, which can be adjusted to 70% or 80%. The inflatable strip will be softer and more elastic, and it will be more comfortable to use.
5. Our air pump operates with little noise and hardly affects sleep


  • Mattress
  • Compressor Pump
  • Replaceable Gas Strip
  • Air Hoses
  • Instruction manual

Pump Spec:

Pump Output Pressure ≥12kPa
Cycle Times 11min
Noise ≤45dB
Dimension 255*155*66mm
Construction ABS

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