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Hemmka Health Wobble Cushion

Hemmka Health Balance Cushion

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The Hemmka Health balance cushion, also known as a stability disc or wobble cushion, is a versatile fitness tool that can help improve balance, core stability, and overall strength. Here are some exercises you can do with a balance cushion:

  1. Basic Balancing: Simply stand on the balance cushion with both feet. Try to maintain your balance and stability while engaging your core muscles. Once you're comfortable with this, you can progress by closing your eyes or shifting your weight from side to side.

  2. Squats: Stand on the cushion, feet hip-width apart. Perform squats by bending your knees and lowering your hips as if you're sitting back into a chair. The cushion's instability will engage your leg muscles and core even more.

  3. Single-Leg Stance: Stand on one leg with the other leg lifted slightly off the ground. This exercise challenges your balance and strengthens your stabilizing muscles. You can switch legs after a certain amount of time.

  4. Lunges: Stand on the cushion and perform forward, reverse, or lateral lunges. The cushion will add an element of instability, engaging your leg muscles and core in a different way.

  5. Plank Variations: Place your hands on the cushion while in a plank position. This will create an unstable surface, making your core work harder to maintain stability. You can also try plank variations by placing your feet on the cushion and your hands on the floor.

  6. Push-Ups: Place your hands on the cushion and perform push-ups. The instability will engage your core and upper body muscles more intensively.

  7. Seated Exercises: Sit on the cushion while performing exercises like seated marches, leg lifts, or twists. This challenges your core stability while working your lower body.

  8. Knee Lifts: Sit on the cushion and lift your knees alternately, as if marching in place. This seated exercise engages your core muscles and improves balance.

  9. Bridge Pose: Lie on your back with your feet on the cushion and knees bent. Lift your hips off the ground to perform a bridge pose. The cushion's instability will add a challenge to this glute and core exercise.

  10. Standing Leg Swings: Stand on the cushion and swing one leg forward and backward while maintaining your balance. This exercise helps with dynamic balance and hip mobility.

  11. Russian Twists: Sit on the cushion and lean back slightly, engaging your core. Hold a weight or a medicine ball and twist your torso from side to side. This exercise targets your oblique muscles.

Remember to start with easier exercises and progress to more challenging ones as your balance and stability improve. Always prioritize safety and proper form. If you're new to balance training, consider consulting a fitness professional to ensure you're using the balance cushion effectively and safely.

You can increase and decrease it by Inflating with the included pump

Includes needle pump

Height 7 cm
Diameter 33 cm
Max load 100 kg
Weight 1 kg
Color: Black

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