FASCIQ® Professional Massage Wax

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FASCIQ® Professional Massage Wax

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The FASCIQ Professional Massage Wax 150 ml is the perfect companion for massage therapists seeking a smooth and effective treatment. Our special wax is carefully formulated with a mix of natural ingredients to get the best out of the manual therapy. Ingredients such as ceresin wax and liquid paraffin work together to provide stability, a high melting point, and relief for swollen joints or painful muscles.

For good grip on the skin

No harmful chemicals added

Slow absorption for less reapplications

The special formula of the FASCIQ Professional Massage Wax provides superior workability, it melts easily upon contact with the skin, preparing a perfect surface for manual therapy.

It enhances the grip of your hands or tools, making your massage seamless and comfortable for both patient and therapist. Specially created to work with instrument-assisted myofascial massage (IASTM), but suitable to different massage techniques and instruments.

Its non-greasy formula doesn’t leave residues on the skin. You can easily clean it from your tools and clothes with warm water and soap. Your patients can effortlessly continue with their daily activities without any sticky sensation. Rest assured, the massage wax of FASCIQ is hypoallergenic, safe for repeated use and gentle on the skin, suitable for various skin types (including sensitive skin).

Infused with lemon oil and ceresin wax, the FASCIQ Professional Massage Wax has a subtle refreshing scent (no synthetic perfumes added). Enjoy the long-lasting nature of our wax, designed to offer extended usage, without the need of frequent reapplication during your sessions, making it economical and time-efficient to your practice.

Unlock the potential of your practice with FASCIQ!

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Ceresin wax: Derived from ozokerite, this wax is highly valued for its stability and high melting point. It provides a solid and reliable consistency to the massage wax, ensuring optimal performance during massages.
Liquid paraffin: A mineral oil known for its lubricating properties, it helps to relieve swollen joints and painful muscles. It acts as an emollient, soothing and relaxing the skin during the massage.
Lemon oil: Extracted from the skin of lemons, this oil offers a refreshing and uplifting scent. It also possesses calming properties, and acts as a natural antiseptic.
Soft paraffin: A semi-solid mixture of mineral oils, petrolatum was originally renowned for its healing properties. It adds texture and consistency of the massage wax, contributing to its smooth application.

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