Superfeet Everyday Pain Relief Insoles - For Foot Pain

Superfeet Everyday Pain Relief Insoles - For Foot Pain

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Extraordinarily effective pain relief for your footwear. Superfeet EVERYDAY Pain Relief insoles help alleviate common foot, arch and heel pain, including pain from plantar fasciitis. Comes with removable heel stabilizer to personalize your support and get the pain-relieving shape closer to your foot.
Insoles are designed to replace the sockliner in roomy to moderate-fitting dress, work, casual and everyday shoes.
Thickness: Max
Profile: Medium

Trim to fit your shoe size.

Evolyte® Carbon Fiber Stabilizer Cap
Removable Heel Stabiliser
Best for Work and Everyday use

Pain Relief Insole Features

A. Deep Heel Cup
Protects heel from repetitive impact

B. Medium to High Arch Superfeet Shape
Medium to high arch support in an orthotic shape made to  stabilize and support the foot, which can help reduce stress on feet, ankles, knees and back

C. Vibram® Diflex
Antibacterial, antimicrobial top cover minimizes shifting

D. Durable Construction
Superfeet insoles keep their shape, delivering reliable support and comfort for up to 12 months or 500 miles, whichever comes first

E. Moisturewick™
With long-lasting odor control

F. Independent Heel Stabilizer
All natural coating that eliminates odor-causing bacteria

G. Evolyte® Carbon Fiber Stabilizer Cap
Provides responsive, weight-defying support, thanks to a proprietary carbon fiber and polymer blend

Seventy five percent of adults experience foot pain. For more than 40 years Superfeet has been creating innovative products to combat foot pain and fatigue, all featuring doctor-recommended Superfeet shape. Join the millions of people worldwide who
have discovered the unparalleled comfort, pain relief and performance of Superfeet shape. When you add the heel-cradling, arch-hugging shape of Superfeet to your shoes, you treat your feet to the personalization, structure and support they crave.

A Fit For Every Foot
Superfeet insoles come in a variety of materials and thicknesses and can be used
for most activities, under any type of foot, low arch, neutral arch, high arch.

A Fit For Every Shoe
Superfeet insoles are available for just about any kind of style and type of footwear
from dress shoes to hiking boots.

The three Keys to Signature Superfeet Shape

Sculpted for Comfort & Pain Relief
The contoured silhouette cradles your heels and hugs your arches, providing relief for
tired, aching feet.

Naturally Supportive
Enhances the way your feet are intended to move, dispersing impact and decreasing stress and strain on your body.

An Energizing Foundation
Like the perfect mattress, extra supportive to keep your feet fresh from the moment you slip into your shoes until the day is done.

How do Superfeet Work?

The Amount of Forces
By cradling your heels and hugging your arches, Superfeet insoles increase the total contact surface area under the foot, changing the amount of force applied to any specific area of the foot.

The Direction of Forces
By being in contact with more of your foot, the three-dimensional shape of Superfeet insoles can influence the direction of forces, increasing forces in some locations and decreasing forces in other locations.

The Timing of Forces
By changing the amount of force and the direction those forces are applied, Superfeet insoles can alter the timing of when those forces are applied during the gait cycle.

By offering a wide variety of insole materials and constructions, Superfeet shape personalizes the ways that these forces are modified to meet the needs of each type of insole consumer: Comfort, Pain Relief and Performance.

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