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BoobTape No.1 by CureTape in beige or black is the ultimate solution for lifting and enhancing your breasts while maintaining a natural look. With its superior adhesion and stretchability, this hypoallergenic tape provides a secure hold, allowing you to confidently wear any outfit. Plus, it comes with nipple covers for added convenience.

Trusted by Health Professionals & Athletes
Adheres Several days
Certified Kinesiology Tape


Have you chosen a stylish outfit for a party or festival but don’t want visible bra straps? Do you want to lift your breasts naturally and enhance your curves, making that blazer, party dress, or top look even better? Then Boob Tape No.1 is the perfect solution for you! Boob Tape provides a subtle yet effective lift, giving you confidence and enhancing the appearance of your outfit.

Features of BoobTape No.1 in Beige or Black:

  • Stretchability from 130% to 140%
  • Hypoallergenic 100% acrylic adhesive layer, latex-free.
  • Lengthwise stretchable.
  • Air and water-permeable, while being water-resistant.
  • 5cm x 5m

What is Boob Tape?

Boob Tape No.1 by CureTape is a flexible and breathable cotton tape with a skin-friendly acrylic adhesive layer. The tape is used as a fashion tape to create a “no bra-look.” There are various styles possible when using Boob Tape, including the strapless style and the criss-cross style. It is even possible to wear the tape while showering or swimming due to its water-resistant properties.

Originally, Boob Tape No.1 was part of the taping material used by (physio)therapists to treat injuries and conditions. You may have already used it for a sports injury or seen athletes and other individuals with colored tapes on their skin. These tapes have different applications, and the idea to use them for this purpose emerged.

Tips for Applying BoobTape No.1:

  1. Ensure that the skin is clean and free of oils before applying the tape.
  2. Avoid using lotions or oils in the area you want to tape, as they can reduce the adhesive strength. If the skin is oily, make it oil-free using degreasing soap, alcohol, or a Clean Skin Pretaping Spray.
  3. Cut strips in advance and round the corners. Cut the strips to the desired length you need. Neatly round the corners of the ends so that the tape adheres well to the skin.
  4. To easily remove the tape from the release paper, tear the paper in half just before the ends or from the middle. Ensure that the skin area to be taped is free from lotions and oils, as they can reduce the tape’s adhesive strength. If you have recently washed your hair with conditioner or an oil-based soap, this can also affect the adhesion. If the skin is oily, clean it with a degreasing soap, alcohol, or a Clean Skin Pretaping Spray.
  5. Avoid stretching the tape at the ends and be careful with stretching during application.
  6. Rub the tape well for better adhesion. After applying the tape, rub it thoroughly to enhance its adhesion.
  7. Never tape over damaged skin or wounds, and avoid folds in the tape.

Tips for Removing BoobTape No.1:

  1. The acrylic adhesive layer is not soluble in water but only in oil. Despite the adhesive not dissolving in water, most people find it convenient to remove the tape while showering.
  2. Remove bit by bit: Never remove the tape in one swift motion. Gently unroll the tape or remove it bit by bit. Pull lightly on the tape in the direction of the skin to make it easier to remove.
  3. If you experience any irritation, always use an oil (baby oil, vegetable oil, or olive oil) to dissolve the adhesive layer. This prevents additional skin irritation.
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