Tmax Kinesiology Tape 7.5cm x 5m - Cotton Extra Sticky

Tmax Kinesiology Tape 7.5cm x 5m - Cotton Extra Sticky

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Skin Friendly Adhesive - Used acrylic medical glue which is safe on skin and body. Tmax medical has used specially selected and tested glue to make safe products.

Breathable Fabrics - The glue is spread only on the wave pattern and no glue on the other parts. It helps skin respiration and reduces skin irritation.

Superior Restoring Force - Elasticity similar to the skin and the muscle to find the best function of tapes, we tested various elastic tapes and made this present one.

Water Repellent Water - resistant in pool and shower

Latex Free - Using 96% pure cotton and 4% Spandex for Tape Pad using more good threads on tape than any other tape in the market.

Wave Glue Pattern - offers excellent skin cohesiveness contact sustaining power. Wave glue pattern is more effective than straight glue pattern for skin cohesiveness.

Optimal Elasticity - Tmax tape has 160% - 170% Elasticity. Fabric elasticity itself has 200% and we manage elasticity when we do adhesion works.

· Increase your body's natural healing power
· Reduce muscle fatigue and recover muscle and joint injury
· Prevent muscle and joint injury
· Improve blood, lymph and fluid circulation
· Reduce neurological pain

How Kinesiology Tape Works
When kinesiology tape is applied to the skin over an inflamed area, the tape gently lifts the skin, creating a space between the skin and the tissues below. Due to the increased space between the skin and tissues, the pressure on the pain receptor will be reduced. This helps decrease swelling and pain in the injured areas. It also helps to improve blood and lymph circulation.

96% Cotton, 4% Spandex / Acrylic Adhesive
Roll Size: 7.5cmW x 5mL (2.95inW x 196inL)

How long can I wear the tape?
Extra Sticky roll could be used 3-5 days on average or more depending on application method and used part of the body. Standard roll could be used 2-3 days on average or more depending on application method and used part of the body.

Do the different colors have different functions?
No, The colors are to give you more various fashionable options. Pick up your favorite colors and apply them.

Can I reuse the tape?
Tmax Tape is designed for one time use only.

What will happen if I apply incorrectly?
If you do not wear the tape correctly in the correct area, the tape will have no affect for pain. And even if you stretch too much when you apply the tape, it could make skin trouble.

How do I remove the tape?
Take off the tape slowly in the same direction of hair.

Where do I store the rest of tape?
Avoid direct sunlight and damp or humid places. Direct sunlight and moisture could affect the glue of tape.

Is the tape latex free?
Yes, there is no latex in Tmax Tape. Tape pads are pure cotton and Lycra. Tape glue is acrylic medical glue

Reasons customer choose Tmax over other brands:

Other Brands of Tape do not stick well: Tape does not stick well is the most frequent complaints about kinesiology tapes. We checked up customers’ complains in the market and found over 90% complaints from customers’ feedback from famous sales sites. “It can't stay on skin longer than a second.....” “I used it on my foot while playing volleyball. But the tape wouldn't stay on at all.” “The ends started peeling soon after putting it on, and it started rolling after a few hours. A big disappointment.” Tmax Medical found the best adhesive level to meet the customers’ needs. Tmax Medical uses two kinds of glue adhesion levels to meet the customers various requests.

Other brands cause Skin irritation: Skin irritation also one of the important complaints in the market. Customers left feedback like this. “It is latex free, but in the same week I had two patients with a history of allergy with the appearance of crusts.” “When I removed after a 3 days, I broke out in a really bad and irritating rash that has lasted over a week now.” Tmax tapes are made with safe glue which passed RoHS test to reduce skin irritation possibilities.

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