SEIRIN ® B Type Needles

Seirin B Type Needles

SEIRIN ® B Type Needles

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The new SEIRIN ® B-type

aster, simpler, more precise!

The new and improved SEIRIN ® B-type needle includes some innovative enhancements to the popular acupuncture needle.

Can be used for both Dry Needling and Acupuncture.

Precise handling

The form, design and colour of the handle of the B-type needle have been improved.

You will be able to get a better grip of the handle thanks to the new corrugated form. A slip of the finger on the handle can now be almost totally ruled out.

The needle has been incorporated exactly in the middle of the handle. This means that the needle can be inserted with the usual gentleness and even greater precision.

The colours of the new handle are now brighter and bolder. Missing a needle at the end of the treatment session is effectively prevented.

Quick opening

The packaging can be opened easily and quickly with one hand. Struggling to open the packaging is now a thing of the past. The different handle colour for each size of needle has been strictly adhered to for the packaging. Users will immediately recognise the needle size by the packaging. This is an advantage, especially when you are working with different needle sizes.

Easy removal

The tried and tested easy-to-open blister pack can now be opened even more easily thanks to its being 5 mm longer. With this packaging, you can choose whether you want to use just one needle or all of the needles. Furthermore, SEIRIN ® has improved the seal of the blister pack. There is no chance of impurity or contamination.

SEIRIN ® is constantly working on helping therapists in their work, making their job easier.

Your patients will thank you for it!

For decades, SEIRIN Japan’s high-quality type B acupuncture needles have been the world’s leading disposable needles. The ergonomically optimized and precisely centered handle ensures safe and convenient use. The handle is made of extremely lightweight, skin- and environmentally-friendly polypropylene plastic. The needle itself is precisely manufactured of special stainless steel. At the tip, it is filed to diamond sharpness, polished three times and has an extremely thin coating, making insertion particularly easy for the therapist and practically painless for the patient.

SEIRIN ® type B needles are available in 6 different gauges and lengths so the therapist can choose the right needle for different body sizes and areas. The handles are color coded to ensure ease of use.
One box contains 100 needles of one size.

Always on the safe side: SEIRIN ® type B acupuncture needles are subjected to 8 stringent quality controls during manufacturing. They are electrolyte-cleaned, sterilized with EO gas and useable for at least 3 years – guaranteed.

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